SEO in Perth (Western Australia) is ideal for your business

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One of the main responsibilities of an entrepreneur is finding ways for his business to become successful. And because of today’s modern developments especially the internet, SEO has become one of the most powerful tools that can bring great success to a company.

SEO in Perth (Western Australia)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a series of techniques and strategies that can bring tremendous upsize to a brand by achieving market authority and dominance more particularly at a local level.

Professional SEO companies such as use numerous tools and techniques that can help small businesses compete in today’s highly-competitive world through a business website. But how do SEO companies do it? Why should your business use SEO?

Running a business is like constructing a house or building – you always plan for long-term and you would always want your construction to last for a very long period of time. Hence, you will use high-quality materials to ensure that your building will stay strong. This is similar to business and SEO is a strong foundation.

Marketing your brand online through SEO may take time, but the advantages you get from this type of marketing campaign are for long-term. With an optimised website, you can reach target customers from all over the world 24/7. You can deliver the information about your product or service anytime and anywhere. Above all, the cost of SEO consultation services is way cheaper compared when you pay TV/radio stations, magazines, newspapers, or billboards for your traditional marketing advertising.

6 Step Checklist for Revamping your Small Business’ Online Presence

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Today, the internet is a prime source for businesses both large corporations and smaller ones. The internet has become a marvellous tool for marketing products and services. Having a website is now as easy as drafting a document, but the real competition begins as soon as you mark your presence in the online arena.

6-Step Checklist for Revamping Your Small Business’ Online Presence - Duct Tape Marketing

People these days are using the internet for their online transactions, in marketing their brand to their targeted customers, building online networks and groups, advertising, and much more. Basically, there are a few ways to build your business’ online presence.

One of the most effective ways of building online presence is through search engines. According to some studies, majority of internet users use the major search engines such as Google and Bing to find information about certain service or product they are planning to purchase making Search Engine Marketing an excellent tool for marketing.

Another method you can use is by posting articles through blogs. Writing good informative content for your website is always a great idea to invite visitors to your website. Good content can easily go viral helping you spread information about your brand faster and better.

Since social networking sites are the most popular thing in the internet these days, you can use social media marketing to build networks, submit information about your products and services through the news, and to invite people to comment on them.

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Search competitor analysis: backlinks, keywords and pages

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Do you know what search competitor analysis is? Search competition analysis applies to a web site making it possible to determine what improvements are necessary to a web page and web site in order to compete with competitors holding a place in the Top 10 Search Engine Results.


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The competitor analysis I refer to here is not to be confused with the Competitive Analysis applied to a business to determine a unique selling proposition or a Competitive Advantage.

If you have a website, you can quickly discover the importance of such analysis. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and strengthen your bottom line after implementing sound remedial tactics gleaned from your competitors.

During this process, you make a formal evaluation in which you review the websites of one or more companies that compete, directly or indirectly, against your own keyword arsenal and usage. In other words, you analyse your online competitors rather than your offline business competitors.

During the search competitor analysis, the best tool to use is the Google Keyword Tool. You can use this to search for keywords that are relevant to your page, in the same language as on your page and in the country market you are targeting. You can also use the suggestions from the tool to select keywords with high volume and low competition. If you have signed in your Adwords account keywords will show with the cost per click price.

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